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For a limited time, we are offering free products to customers with blood sugar issues and at risk of kidney disease. Please contact us via e-mail below.
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About Natural Health Products

We represent a group of biotechnology companies, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and natural over the counter supplements, free of side effects – You won’t see a long list of possible side effects and disclaimers on our products! We help improve the quality of people’s lives while saving them money on health care.

As an extension of the natural health products theme, we also offer genuine bio-plastic biodegradable packaging. This degrades in a matter of months in garden composts. No industrial composting facility is needed.

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We are master sales agents expanding our distribution and actively looking for new distributors

Innovative Health Supplements

Blood sugar issues/ Diabetes affect around a third of the population of the world. Similar numbers of people are at risk for kidney disease. Large numbers of people also suffer from chronic pain.

The biotechnology companies we work with offer natural food supplements, which help improve patient outcomes, with no side effects.

Home Compostable Packaging

Plastic packaging is increasingly banned around the world. Most bio-degradable packaging is in fact ‘industrial compostable,’ meaning that it needs to be processed in industrial composting plants and will not degrade in the environment. The world has only a small fraction of the capacity required to degrade all of the industrial compostable packaging produced. As a result, most industrial compostable packaging ends up in land fills.

The packaging from Natural Health Products is home compostable. It can even be buried in the garden and will degrade in a matter of months.

CBD Strips

CBD strips dissolve under the tongue.

The proprietary technology can also be used to infuse other substances (such as vitamins or pro-biotics) into the strips. This creates a more convenient way for the body to absorb.

We welcome partners, wishing to use this technology to infuse other foodstuffs or drugs into the strips. We also work with licensed manufacturers.

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