Air Note ,

Air Note Patch

Swiss Made

• Surface is made of non-woven fleece
• The patch is only 20 x 36 mm
• Duration of active effect: at least 12 hours
• The fragrance does not mask the smell. It actually neutralizes the smell.
• As soon as the sachet is opened, the compound is released and bad smells are quickly eliminated.

Benefits of Air Note Patch

• Air Note for your car/minivan – wet dogs, sports equipment, spilled coffee, and any
number of other factors that can leave unpleasant aromas in your car. Air Note
provides the solution.
• Air Note for you – an alternative to existing deodorants, Air Note can be
placed on underwear or clothes, to eliminate unwanted smells.
• Air Note for sport – Use Air Note in your bag, locker, boots, helmet or anywhere
bad smells linger.
• Air Note for small rooms – bathroom/closets, mobile homes, especially when poor drainage adds to the
problem. Air Note again provides the solution.



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