About Natural Health Products

We represent a group of biotechnology companies, developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative, natural over the counter supplements, free of side effects – you won’t see a long list of possible side effects and disclaimers on our products! We help improve the quality of people’s lives, while saving money on health care.

The categories we work with are:

  • Blood sugar control.
  • Kidney function improvement.
  • Opioid-free pain management.
  • Anti-viral spray.
  • CBD-based therapeutical products, for humans and pets. These can also be produced under a customer’s brand.

We are actively seeking distribution partners and licensees, worldwide.

Many health care establishments are likely to deliver both better patient outcomes and a significant boost to their bottom lines.

Examples of clients are:

  • Medical testing laboratories.
  • Telehealth companies.
  • Pharmacies
  • Eye doctors.
  • Retail distribution.
  • Private consumers.

In most countries, these products can be sold as over the counter supplements. In some countries, they may be eligible for insurance company reimbursement.

Clinics may elect to bundle the supplements free of charge as part of an overall test and consultation plan.

As an extension of the natural health products theme, we also offer genuine biodegradable packaging. This degrades in a matter of months in the garden. No industrial composting facility is needed.